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Ireland’s Pirate Queen Grace O’Malley

Grace was famous in the 17th century because it was unusual for women to be pirates back then. She stood out above the rest when she sailed to England and negotiated with Queen Elizabeth I. She was fantastic! Folklore and history said she had about three husbands, and she was always fighting over land. They …

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Diving Board at Black Rock: Wild Sea Swimmers

Catherine 00:05 My good friend Katherine Picket is here with me. I told you earlier, I just like people who buy them from the heart. You know, to me, I love it when someone – it resonates with them. And Katherine will explain to you how it resonated with her. Katherine 00:23 On entering Cathy’s …

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Hibernia: land of saints & scholars

Even pre-Christian Ireland, I called it Celtic gold because we were the land of saints and scholars, it was a very learned place at that time.


Westport Westival

EXPERIENCE CATHY HUGHES’S AMAZING ARAN ARTWORK ‘Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.’ – Edgar Degas Cathy Hughes was born and reared in Westport. She will be one of the talented artists whose artwork, The Aran Series, will be on display for everyone to appreciate when you come to the …

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