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Westport Westival


‘Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.’

– Edgar Degas

Cathy Hughes was born and reared in Westport. She will be one of the talented artists whose artwork, The Aran Series, will be on display for everyone to appreciate when you come to the annual Westival – Westport Music and Arts Festival 2021. It will be displayed at the Westport Town Hall Theatre, The Octagon, Co. Mayo. Her artwork can be seen between Friday, October 15 and Sunday, November 7 2021.

Cathy’s childhood memories in Westport and her educational background growing up are where her love for art has rooted and grown. Her working experience as an adult with a renowned international German abstract artist has influenced her to become the artist she is today. It is here that she honed her craft and experimented with the inclusion of textiles in her works. Aran wool, stitches and indeed Aran sweaters are a theme close to Cathy’s heart as she grew up immersed in the crafts and home industry of the Aran Islands, where her family had an Aran sweater store. So, The Aran Series originated.

This talented artist’s work is one of the many different pieces of art that can be seen at the Westport Music and Art Festival 2021. It will be a free exhibition, open to the public. Anyone, especially those interested in textured art, must diarize Cathy’s exhibition – this will be an event not to miss! To view and purchase Cathy’s original art, prints, and bespoke greeting cards, visit www.galwayart.ie

Visit The Westival’s website https://westival.ie/ and look at the many unique events and workshops there are to offer. Cathy Hughes’ exhibition is a must-see! For more information contact +353 87 235 9152.

High Quality Art Prints Now Available - free shipping worldwide

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