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Irish Dancer – Original Art


The Irish Dancer was inspired by my passion for the Irish arts and the local experiences here in the west of Ireland. After I completed this piece, I realized that this is really a self-portrait as I competed in many Irish dance competitions and won medals throughout my childhood.  Irish dancing was an important and cherished part of my childhood.

this piece includes an antique map (the Kingdom of Ireland) and the old Irish lace around the dancer. The Celtic design was often embroidered onto the Irish tweed  dance costumes.


Acrylic on Canvas



Like many Irish girls, I was lucky to do a few years of Irish dancing, progressing through the competitions (féis). I was so proud to wear my beautiful, handmade, Irish dancing costume which my daughter also got a chance to wear at a féis. The Irish love ceol and dancing (rince), hence the Riverdance became a phenomena throughout the world.

This painting uses handmade crocheted lace as a nod to the beauty of the Irish Dancing costumes which typically have detailed Celtic embroidery sown onto the front of the costumes.

In the right corner, there is a piece of an antique map, featuring cherubs holding an Irish harp for the Kingdom of Ireland.

High Quality Art Prints Now Available - free shipping worldwide

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